Why Global Human Consultants?

GHC builds upright, transparent and durable professional relationships.
GHC provides a fully adapted solutions to the needs of our clients.
Outsourcing allows you manage your income statement properly.
Based on honesty, confidentiality and commitment to companies and individuals.
Focused on people, we take care of the experience that clients and candidates live with GHC.
At GHC "we do well the right things", that is, efficiently and effectively.
In constant processes of change, focused on continuous improvement.
Coherence between what we say, think and do, taking care of the result and how to achieve it.

GHC Team

Montse Codinach

Socia directora

Jacobo Vilata

Head GHC People

Ana Delás


Blanca Diaz-Morera


Rosa Bassaganyes

Office Manager

Júlia Serrano


Pilar Pérez